site services

Site Services

SkyElectric site services teams perform a complete solar installation survey and electrical power requirements review. They analyze the solar and backup power requirements and can recommend the right SkyElectric Smart Energy System package to you.

After you have selected the desired package, the site services team installs the system and ensures it is performing correctly in the power infrastructure of your home or business.

Remote Services

Once the system is installed at your premises, SkyElectric’s Network Operations Center (NOC) begins 24×7 monitoring of the system installed.

The Smart Energy System continuously updates SkyElectric cloud servers with system health, status and fault related information via the Internet. Internet connectivity is built into the Smart Energy Inverter through WiFi or freely included 3G-network connectivity.

If a fault or other failure event occurs in any SkyElectric Smart Energy System, NOC personnel are immediately alerted. NOC personnel can perform complete remote diagnostics and repairs (if possible) from this 24×7 center proactively.

remote services

support services

Support Services

Technical personnel at the NOC can be contacted 24/7 through the built-in ‘Contact SkyElectric’ options of the SkyElectric Smartphone App and Smart Energy Console, which include phone, email, text and video call options.

No matter what time of day or night, there is always a professional and knowledgeable operator available to respond to your queries and problems.