SkyElectric Launches Its First Experience Zone

SkyElectric recently opened up its first Shop in Shop concept at Fanoos Mehal in Rawalpindi. The SkyElectric Corner at Fanoos Mehal is one of a kind where customers can walk in the Fanoos showroom to get a first hand look and feel of the SkyElectric Intelligent Solar Energy Solution.

Lithium Ion – Present & the Future

Lithium batteries are taking over; these are currently charging mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, electric cars and even the Mars Curiosity rover. What will the Lithium-Ion batteries charge next? Lithium-ion batteries are going to charge your home! One wonders, ‘How is this battery taking over as the energy storage leader?’ Let’s run over a few…

Understanding Solar Solutions

  Researchers on solar power have long known the many benefits of harnessing this green, renewable energy source. There is voluminous content on solar on the internet and we often see solar energy being featured in print and television. We also see a substantial number of individuals and organizations around us adapting to solar and…

Ending Load Shedding is Hard

Ending Load Shedding and Unscheduled Grid Outages – A Lot Harder than it looks fficials in Pakistan, and also many other developing countries, grapple with the imbalance between electricity supply and growing demand – which leads to both scheduled and unscheduled load-shedding, a polite word to describe grid outages and loss of power. Governments and…